Who is behind the Fontain™ team?

Fontain™ team is comprised of various professionals employed in the Saturized agency that created the Fontain™. Developers, managers, designers and testers have all found their place with the Fontain™ team. Fontain™ team functions as a unit and each member of the team is important for seamless progress of the project. Fontain™ team is brought together by passion for their work and desire to provide all users with unique experience.

Members of the Fontain™ team:


  • Zoran Usančević, Founder&CEO
  • Goran Bajazetov, Founder&CEO


  • Nenad Božić, Project Manager & Senior PHP Developer


  • Marko Purać, Senior Interface Designer
  • Biljana Antunović, Junior Interface Designer


  • Igor Stojanović, Senior iOS Developer
  • Živko Sudarski, Senior PHP Developer
  • Nebojša Erić, Senior PHP Developer
  • Nenad Jelovac, Senior Frontend Developer
  • Petar Ačanski, Senior Frontend Developer
  • Dejan Ranisavljević, Senior Frontend Developer


  • Boženka Miljković, Senior Test Developer
  • Biljana Spasojević, Senior Test Developer


Fontain™ did not occur by accident. During their winter vacation in 2012 Zoran Usančević and Goran Bajazetov have determined how difficult it actually is to select adequate gift for someone. It is very easy to buy a gift. But if you care about someone, you should find and purchase something that this person actually wants. But how can you find out what people want?

Fontain™ solves a problem of finding the best gift. Fontain™ provides insight into wish-lists of those people dear to you and everyone else you follow on the Fontain™. In addition to overview of wish-lists, Fontain™ also shows location where certain gift can be purchased, which saves you time that can be better spent with family and friends.

One of the main features of the Fontain™ is the ability to photograph gifts you received, and share those photos and joy for the received gift with others. It is our desire to provide all users with unlimited source of ideas for gifts, and enable them to easily find out where certain gift can be purchased.

Become part of the Fontain™, learn something more about people dear to you and enjoy in new and fresh ideas.